National Cyber Gauntlet Challenge

A student-led collegiate cybersecurity competition hosted
at the University of Central Florida, January 14-16th, 2021.

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A New Standard of Excellence

Top Tier Talent

NCGC's inaugural year will feature the most elite and high-performing collegiate cybersecurity teams from across the nation. Ten teams will be selected to go head-to head in a high-stakes battle for the Gauntlet.

Total Creative Freedom

Competitors have unprecedented creative freedom to showcase their skills. At NCGC, realistic approaches reflective of industry trends and best practices are both encouraged and rewarded.

Valuable Metrics

Cybersecurity research impacts national security and workforce development. That's why NCGC has been built from the ground up to provide analysts with rich data about team collaboration and modern cybersecurity practices, tools, and techniques.

Multi-Domain Design

Real cybersecurity competency is built on diverse experiences in a wide range of specializations. To encompass all of those areas, NCGC's unique design challenges teams based on their ability to implement, attack, and defend computer networks.


Ten teams. Four challenges. Three days.
Are you ready?

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